Zero B wave RO

Table top RO purifier with 7-litre storage tank.

  • Hexapure Technology purification process with solar intelligence that gives clear, crisp water
  • Converts salty water to pure, crystal clear, natural tasting drinking water
  • Removes excess salts, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, harmful chemicals & heavy metals from water.
  • Fully automatic operations
  • Works on low pressure thereby lower fouling of membrane
  • Certification Product water meets USEPA drinking water standards & IS 10500
Dimension (basic Unit) 330 x 320 x 390 (in mm)
Weight 12 kg
Output flow rate 5 -7 litres / hour
Tank Capacity 7 litres
Minimum Inlet Water (TDS) 1300 ppm (Subject to hardness of inlet water been less than 500 ppm)
Rejection of Salts (TDS) Upto 95%
Recovery of Water Upto 25 – 30%
RO Membrane 50 GPD x 1