All in One Solar Street Light

All-in-One Solar Street Light is a new age and compact lighting solution Integrating Solar Panels, LED light, Lithium-ion Battery and a PIR Motion Sensor. This light incorporates LED driver technology which combines world class battery charging technology with high efficiency electronics.

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  • Compact design with integrated  Solar  panel, LED light, motion sensor, Li-ion battery and Solar charge controller.
  • Completely Off-Grid design with very easy installation
  • Microprocessor based design enables intelligent and efficient working
  • Lithium ion battery technology provides long and maintenance free product life
  • PIR Motion sensor adjusts LED brightness to extend light backup time
  • Automatic Dusk-to-Dawn operation and Solar panel dirty indication LED
  1. No Trench required
  2. No Cable laying required
  3. No Feeder Pillar & Protection MCB required
  1. No manual ON-OFF required (Fully automatic)
  2. No maintenance required (Lithium-ion battery)
  3. Long Life of product
  4. Long battery Life 3 to 4 years
  5. Easy installation
  6. Long installation distance between two light(upto 15Mrt)
  7. Available in12W & 15W
  8. Motion sensor – uses energy as required
  9. Up to two days autonomy
  10. Available in 40Wp panel
  11. Ready to work
  1. No discrete arrangement is to madefor panel, battery, battery box, Luminary & Pole
  2. Transportation is easy, convenient and safe
  3. No maintenance is required for battery (No water Top Up)
  4. No risk of battery theft
  5. No designer pole required
  • Solar Inverter battery charging solution
  • Solar Charge Controllers – 12V upto 240V PWM/MPPT
  • Solar Luminary Card – 9W  upto 35W