Improved Smokeless Chulhas


U R J A  D L X

A Clean India Initiative

Design Approved By Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Government of India. A sustainable design vision. Scientifically designed for optimal regulation of heat flow & better fuel utilisation. Manufacturing under latest guidelines of MNRE under Unnat Chulha Aabhiyaan. Tested at various test centres across the country.

TYPE Domestic natural draft
Thermal Efficiency 29%
TPM 314 mg/MJd
Power output 1.26 KW
CO 3.69g /MJd

Unbreakable, Cost Effective, Made from MS Sheets, MS Rods, CI Castings & Aluminium

  • Fuel Conservation : 700-100kgs of wood saved by one family per year, hence avoiding deforestation.
  • Provides hygienic atmosphere: Since there is complete combustion of wood in URJA cookstove, there is no smoke generated.
  • Reduction in drudgery of rural women and children. Time & effort to collect firewood is reduced.
  • With a high efficiency of 29%, the URJA cookstove
    results in lesser cooking time.

Medium : Suitable for cooking needs of 5-7 people

Jumbo : Suitable for cooking needs of 80-100 people